Reports from volunteers


Assistance by telephone in the cardiology department.  I was able to put the patient at ease and explain what the doctor had told me in her own language.  It was very rewarding to feel trust from both doctor and patient.


Assistance for a patient hospitalised with fractures of both legs, currently in rehab.  The patient would be unable to walk for 8 weeks and used a wheelchair.
Explanations on care with discussion about personal situation, family and how to manage with a wheelchaire at home, as well as a check on administrative steps that had been taken.


An American visiting Saint Malo on a cruise ship was admitted to A&E.  In order to be allowed to reboard the ship, a statement in English from the hospital discharge office had to be made to satisfy the health authorities on the ship.  The patient was then allowed to rejoin the ship in Brest.


Attendance at the Gardiner Hospital in Dinard. The aim was to ensure that the 90-year-old Chilean woman patient fully understood the information given by the medical team and for the medical team to understand how the patient felt so that it could improve her condition and her recuperation.  I was very well received by the medical team. 


An Azerbaijani patient, a Russian speaker, who had been operated on 3 days earlier. Until now the healthcare team had not been able to communicate with him to any degree. My intervention went very well and the patient was able to ask questions about his operation, its consequences and aftercare.