Reports from volunteers

This afternoon I was called to the hospital in Saint Malo, Surgical department 2. It was not what you might call fun, for we had to discuss what post-mortem actions would need to be taken for a man who was on the point of death. His daughter, who had arrived from South Africa, and his granddaughter were present as well as the secretary, Mme J., a wonderful woman who for the previous two months had helped them enormously. There really are some extraordinary people in our hospitals. They might ... Lire la suite

S. South Africa/English

Excellent contact with an Australian patient who had just been through a complicated operation (intestinal occlusion and acute peritonitis). He had been on a cruise with his wife. My interpretation was in the presence of a young man appointed by the port authority. He left me to interact with the surgeon and the patient, having established that I had the appropriate medical vocabulary. 

A. Australia/English

An Azerbaijani patient, a Russian speaker, who had been operated on 3 days ago. Until now the healthcare team had not been able to communicate with him to any degree. My intervention went very well and the patient was able to ask questions about his operation, its consequences and aftercare.

P and A Russian

Emergency department. After an initial admission to psychiatry, a young American girl (accompanied by her mother) was taken in hand. I offered my help to the doctor who, not knowing until then of the existence of Maux sans frontière, was delighted with my help in enabling him to make his diagnosis. 

T and G English

Emergency department: a 73-year-old woman with serious pathology - bleeding in the lungs – who had already been treated in Germany. Attempts to contact the hospital in Germany were unsuccessful, after which everything moved very quickly to get her transported to the emergency department of the hospital in Pontchaillou (Rennes).

L and MJ German

Translation into English medical vocabulary for a psychiatric unit of St Malo hospital. A letter sent to a doctor of Psychiatry in Finland concerning the repatriation of a Finnish woman with a serious problem. Grateful thanks from the doctor of psychiatry for this translation.  

A and B English

A New Zealand patient living locally had just had a heart attack. Explanations of medication and precautions to be taken as aftercare. 

B and F. New Zealand/English

Attendance at the Gardiner Hospital in Dinard. The aim was to ensure that the 90-year-old Chilean woman patient fully understood the information given by the medical team and for the medical team to understand how the patient felt so that it could improve her condition and her recuperation. This was a simple though enriching first experience. I was very well received by the medical team. 

BF. Chile/Spanish